Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hunting Bill Ayers

ABC News' Brian Ross confronts the former terrorist and current revolutionary marxist cuntbag on the streets of NYC. Naturally he has nothing to say.

And below, the O'Reilly factor catches up with him in front of his tony Hyde Park townhouse. Again he has nothing to say but it is rather touching to watch a marxist admonish a reporter for being on private property and then call the police - a major target of Weather Underground violence - for help.

I have yet to see a photo or video of this cretin where he is dressed like a grown-up. Even if I didn't know his backstory there is something fundamentally creepy about a man in his sixties with an earring and a steady supply of the kind of tee shirts the fat loser vegan girl in 11th grade who sits alone at lunch wears.

As an aside it is time that people stop referring to the Weather Underground as a 1960's group. They did splinter from the SDS in '69 but they perpetrated violence into the 80's and Ayers' lovely wife Bernardine herself actually went to the slammer as an accessory to one of the group's later atrocities.

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