Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Romney Has Never Eaten Dog, Nor Does He Throw Like A Girl.

The only thing worse than having a bag of flaming dog shit for a president is placing all your hopes and dreams for his ouster in a candidate who you're horribly ambivalent about. Yay establishment Republican-Democrat hybrid! Vanquish the vaguely Marxist gargoyle! But this election is far too important to not put yourself behind Romney, even if your heart's not all the way in it. I made these shirts to express my sentiments. Support for Romney with frivolous arguments for it. Obama does throw like a girl, and in a weird way it tells you a lot about him. Likewise his claim to have eaten dog in Indonesia. Who the hell cops to such a thing - least of all in a sober, matter of fact way? Most normal Americans would still be waking up screaming from horrible nightmares over having eaten Lassie. So, if you're similarly inclined, show your support for Romney with a shirt that proclaims that he doesn't throw like a girl, or that he doesn't have an unorthodox fascination with dogs. Mitt is worth it!

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